Barbara StClaire Ostwald Coaching

Live a Stress-Free Life – Discover How to Let Go of the Past and Heal Your Mind and Body to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Live Life Stress-Free

You may believe you’re in control of your life, only to realise that it’s stress that’s actually driving your journey. As it accumulates within you, your body reacts, manifesting symptoms that can lead to various illnesses, leaving you feeling mentally and physically overwhelmed. Take charge of your healing and recovery journey with expert guidance.

Recalibrate Your Health

Your body is always listening. When situations in life are different from what you imagined, your body and mind take the brunt without your realization. Your body can’t heal when you’re dysregulated, feeling sad, angry, and frustrated. Discover how to realign your body and mind to optimum health and wellness.

Regulate Your Well-Being

Move forward with life by skilfully managing your well-being, freeing yourself from the grip of past traumas. Release the burdens of your past and sidestep the traps of future anxieties. Embrace a life of balance and tranquillity, and experience deeper connections within yourself and with the world around you.


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Transform and Empower your life

Feeling stressed won’t go away immediately – whether it’s due to your job or something more personal. The next step to feeling better is to identify the cause!  It takes time, effort and work by you to let the stress work through your body and then to let it go.  In this NOW moment, are you present? What are you feeling, sensing?  Where is it coming from? What is your personal reality?  Does your life feel like you are going nowhere fast? You can develop new choices, enjoy new experiences and new ways of thinking and being.  You have this amazing power inside you, this lifeforce, energy just waiting to be tapped by you.  Take responsibility and become Empowered!